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Wood shaving

Wood shaving


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As makers of premium pine, acacia, rubber wood shavings and wood pellets, AVP Bedding starts with the highest quality pine, acacia, rubber material that is closely monitored for quality and consistency. 

AVP Wood Shavings makes valuable materials out of waste wood.
Some of these products are closer than you may think. Materials made by AVP Wood Shavings are used in the construction of automotive interiors, composite deck boards, and desktops in local schools. Fuel pellets made by AVP Wood Shavings are used to produce household heat and electricity. Bedding made by AVP Wood Shavings may even be lining the bottom of your pet's cage.

By creating and using secondary products made from renewable resources, AVP Wood Shavings helps reduce the carbon footprint of every industry, company, and individual that purchases and uses these products. This effort is building the momentum we need to regenerate and balance the ecosystem we all live within. We welcome your participation in this noble endeavor. The future of our planet is in our hands.

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