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Pine timber

Pine timber

22 x 90 x 1800mm
15 x 140 x 1800mm
38 x 150/200mm
19 x 100mm
32 x 100/125/150/200mm
50 x 100/125/150/200mm

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Product details

AN VIET PHAT  ENERGY CO.,Ltd supply a large range of wood pine timber with HIGH QUALITY and BEST PRICE in domestic market as a truthful partner for all customers. We are really care about quality and customer needs so everything we do basing on proper standards and customer sastifaction. We believe with our efforts and improvements we are doing now. All Partner can believe in our product, quality and standards.

We are now knew as a leading biomass company, big suppliers of wood timber and other products in Viet Nam. We could supply large volume of long-term stability and competitive price.

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